Thank You For Being A Douche

Here's a transcript of texts I received from an ex last night. I couldn't sleep, couldn't catch my breath, couldn't stop crying...unnecessary, untrue and ridiculously hurtful.

"you never did give a fuck. i was a just a big joke to your whole family"
"that's not called love, that's pity"
"Have fun with your new boyfriend. i hope his family makes fun of you behind your back. then you will see what it feels like"
"Or did you leave me because I beat you up?"
me-you let go of a girl who loved you
"no she left me because she thought she was too cool"
"well yah now that you gave me herpes it will be harder i guess i will have to lie like you now"
"You're a fat whore that needs to suck dick to get what you want in life"
"make sure you marry a rich man with a good prescription plan. you're going to need it"
" I know you make fun of people to make yourself feel better. i was tired of it"

After two months of not talking, I get text after text cutting me down, making me feel worthless, unloveable, disgusting. And none of it is true. Words cut deep and it's going to take a long time to heal these wounds....no matter how much I try to rise above.

At least your sister was compassionate enough to call me and talk me down last night...


i'm in need of this movie today...

....I'm scared a friendship of over 11 years could be ending...


So Forgetting Sarah Marshall it is!