I Return...And I'm Ready To Leave The Hermit Lifestyle Behind...

So I've taken quite a break from blogging...not sure why.

Well, I have a few ideas why;
job hunting
disappointment in 2 important friendships in E-town that have disintegrated, not
       due to lack of effort on my part
nothing to say
^^that's a lie, I have a LOT to say but the laziness took over
afraid my words would be taken out of context

Let's elaborate on the nothing to say; I have thoughts CONSTANTLY in my head, the voices never stop in the old noggin. But when it comes to putting pen to paper and fingers to keys, I would draw a blank. I've dreamt about becoming an author since I could read (Side note: I won my Grade 2 Reading Challenge-read more books than anyone else in the class, suck it Geoff Milburn, MJ Thompson and Noah Hopchin!)

I still keep a journal, but I write half page entries 1-2 times a week vs everyday 5,6 years ago. I'm slowly getting more consistent with that journal, so I'm going to slowly become more consistent with this blog.

You're welcome 4 people who sometimes peruse this, or who stumbled here because the words Naked and Cake are in the title.


books fill my heart with happiness, no matter what chaos surrounds me