A Few Pics (scanned ones coming)

Here's a few pics of my grandpa when he was younger...

with my mom when she was about 5 months old 

what a handsome teenager ;) 
in Mexico, looking dapper

playing with god knows what when I was little 

His career through the years...


Keremeos 2013

After driving through Penticton and arriving in Keremeos, we headed to the mobile park where he shares a home with Georgie, my step-grandma. We pulled up, all got out and headed to the door...Georgie had been watching for us (we were communicating through emails) and we walked up the ramp to the door. I was the first one in, and saw my Grandpa sitting there, reading the paper (NO EYE PATCH!) He didn't hear me walking, so I sat down and said "what are you reading?" I've never seen such a shocked look on anyone's face! Then he saw my sister, Lindsey, my mom and dad and was  flabbergasted!

pure love

If I had to lose a job over that, it was worth it a million times over. His spirit is just as amazing as always, his humour is just as acid tongued as ever, and he's only using one cane....Sometimes showing off without. 

His eyepatch was gone, he looked happy and healthy to me and, I think, our presence really helped boost his spirits. This was the most important trip I could have ever taken; we don't know if he has a year, 5 years, 6 months...nobody does. So I was so happy to spend as much time with him as I could, even if it was just  me, my dad and gramps all falling asleep watching TV with Linz laughing at us. Memories I will never forget, stories I will never forget (I learned so much about his illustrious history in the trucking industry, how he used to race stock cars, there's history in everything he says, so he speaks and we listen).

We were able to take home some amazing photographs from his past, as well as hilarious pictures of ourselves over the years.  (I'll post those soon)

family love

we love our gramps

just found out he hates this pic because the cane is in it and he feels
like "one of the old geezers down at the pool hall" :)

When it was time to leave, I gave my grandpa the longest hug I could; I felt tears well up in my eyes, could barely breath and couldn't stand for him to see me that way so I hugged him one more time and had to go out in the cool mountain air to cry...I didn't want him or my mom to see. I don't know when I'll be out there again but it was emotional, nonetheless. He is the most amazing man, and I cannot wait to see him again. 



I know you're reading, COMMENT! 
It's tough when you meet someone and have an instant connection; make each other laugh over stupid texts...this guy even brought me a Venti Caramel Macchiatto to my work! My favourite, btw. 
We've seen each other a few times, but he's been a bit distant and, after our date when we were supposed to play mini golf didn't happen, I decided to ask the dreaded question: "Are you still interested in playing mini golf with me?"

His answer was...mind boggling. He said that I remind him of his ex fiance, I look like her, just the essence I guess. It's unfortunate because I thought we had a great foundation to build on, but there's no need to push it. I completely understand, and, no matter how bummed I am about it, I'm moving on because hanging on to past guys has got me nowhere. 

Now from the master....

that's right, Jigga!

New Years Resolution

I'm going with a tried a true resolution, one of the classics that most people never fulfil or achieve: WEIGHT LOSS

After gaining almost 40 pounds in 2012 (I was sedentary unless I was at work or with friends), I have had enough; I reached a number on the scare that never in my lifetime I thought I would see (unless I happened to be pregnant). That was it. My inspiration for this also comes from my sister; Linz has been slowly and quietly losing weight over the past 5,6 months and the changes in her body (and the changes she's made in her eating habits) is phenomenal. 

That will be me this year.

Soda is my crack. Specifically, Coca Cola is my crack. I will indulge in soda on occasion, not almost every day. 
Packing lunches to work will 1)save me money and 2) let me control what's going in my body, making sure I'm getting all the veggies I need.
Speaking of veggies, EAT MORE VEGGIES.
The one good thing I've got going is that I drink at LEAST two litres of water a day, so I've got that down. Sleep has always been an issue for me, but I think with the added workouts sleep may come a lot easier. 
One last thing, I compare myself to everyone; my parents, my sister, friends, strangers...I am envious of their achievements, where they are in life, their bodies...this stops. I will never improve myself if I COMPARE myself to others. 

GOAL:Abs like this 
I just have to keep believing in myself


FASHION...Turn To The Left...

LOVE this look
love everything about this

love this


....It's Only Natural

So my grandpa has had MS for a few years; we thought he had a stoke the other night, and Georgie (step-gran) took him by ambulance to the hospital and did a CT scan. We had thought he had a stroke (or a tumour), so it was nice to rule those out.

MS has many symptoms and this is quite a common one (didn't even know it existed);
double vision and one eye going wonky on him one looks at you and the other goes where ever it wants to, and his blood pressure was very high. 

You're the most stubborn man I know
You are sharp as a tack
We'll watch so much Seinfeld when we get there  
Love U GrandPa xo