Digging Up The Past

Came home early from work tonight, haven't been feeling so great. Decided to grab my old journals and read through them. Not quite sure if this was a good decision or not, I definitely have been reminded of some things that I wish I could erase from my memory. But then I get to relive some amazing moments of my life with my family and friends.

Here's where I ended tonight with some random blathering; pretty normal for me:
May 6/08

Why do....
I love being alone?
Rainstorms make me happy?
People believe in God?
People never signal when turning?
I always say the wrong thing?
I let people get to me?
Puppies make me fee better?
I have the urge to drive with my eyes closed?
I enjoy my blankets so much?
I need music everyday?
I sountrack my moods with music and songs?
Boys lie?
Boys suck?
Some boys defy the odds?
Those boys stick with me?
I love him?
I think he loves me?
I keep procrastinating?
I want SO much?
My friends not get it anymore?
I love the First 48 so much?
I have people that love the mess that is me?



What is the meaning of life? To be happy and useful.
 Tenzin Gyatso,14th Dalai Lam


A Change Would Do You Good

"NO"-looks like I need to change something


The weak can never forgive. 

Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.


this bitch

I am so grateful to have a friend (superfriend is more appropriate) like you, Sar! Even though you were here for a short time, we made the most of it. Lots of laughs, new memories (Pickle & birthday cake anyone?) & our traditional side braid! You told me to stop being so hard on myself; that starts NOW. I will be seeing you by October, Silly.


I hope this last attempt is worth it.