What An Amazing Weekend

Sometimes love does conquer all and I was witness to an amazing couple making their love official and complete last weekend. Sladjana and Lubi were made for each other; I've never seen two people more suited for one another in every single way. 

I also got to spend time with my best friend, which I always cherish. Her being far away isn't always ideal, but it makes our time together that much more special. Her main man Jon got to meet her family and our super duper friend Ryan was kind enough to fly out to Edmonton to keep me company for the weekend and be my date for the wedding! Th boys had never been here so Sarah and I showed them a great "Edmonton" time, including THE MALL!, beers on the bus, Whyte Ave and Whitemud Amusement Park. 

Walking each other down the aisle <3

Who would have thought Proactiv would have created
life long friendships like this?

We weren't scared to wear our party crowns, even got the bride in on it!

Ryan was showing off for the family of 6.

My special friend and that other guy ;) 
Lady and The Tramp style bulldog share

Being able to laugh and have fun was something that hasn't happened for a while for me; I'm in a "rough patch" of life, so being able to just let go and enjoy myself with truly great people was great for the soul. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 



I'm DONE letting other people steal my happiness, my integrity, my
smile and self worth. My heart is mine, body is mine, mind belongs
to me...and I am fixing myself.