More and more, this is what I want...


Truer Words Have Never Been Spoken....

Good books have kept me alive,sane,happy,comforted,
reassured and at ease...
Midnight In The Garden Of Good An Evil is my ultimate summer read
David Sedaris is a hilarious genius and each book of his I own is dog eared
as I've read them numerous times.
Jen Lancaster is a female Mr. Sedaris with a penchant for Crocs and bulldogs,
but ditto on the dog eared pages.
The Dirt, How To Make Love Like A Porn Star, Scar Tissue,
My Life So Far....any autobiography makes me happy.
Chick Lit, history, comedy, travel, If there's words, I read them.

Any of my LOYAL followers have a special book they love? Share with the group, don't be shy!

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

- Robert Byrne


Tattoo ME!

Once again, I'm getting the tattoo itch. I'm going to touch up my big piece over the next few months and add some new ink to it, too. As for a brand new one, I'm debating what to get.  

I LOVE this!


A Thanks To My Friends


Thank you for being there when I needed you...
and even when I didn't,
Thank you for being there through the good times...and the bad,

Thank you for being there to encourage my dreams....and my crazy ideas,                                 Thank you for catching me...before I fell down,Thank you for wiping away the tears...             when I was crying,Thank you for cheering me up...and making me laugh,                                      Thank you for all the great memories...and the bad,But most of all...                                             thank you...For being you!

I love all of my friends, new and old, close and far away....you save me from myself,
sometimes and I am forever grateful to call you all my friends. 

The Golden Chain Of Friendship

Ann M. Siddall

Friendship is a golden chain
the links are friends so dear
and like a rare and precious jewel
it's treasured more each year...

it's clasped together firmly
with a love that's deep and true
and it's rich and happy memories
and fond recollections too...

time can't destroy its beauty
for as long as memories live
years can't erase the pleasure
the joy that friendship gives
for friendship is a priceless gift
that can't be bought or sold

but to have an understanding friend
is worth far more than gold
and the golden chain of friendship
is a strong and blessed tie
binding kinded hearts together
as the years go passing by.



one day in retrospect the
years of struggle will strike
you as the most beautiful



After Life...

...Is Death.

Today was the funeral for one of my close friends who lost his father Ted on Saturday. 
Instead of talking about the inevitable sadness, I want to say how proud I am of all of 
our friends coming to support Dave during, probably, the most difficult day 
of his life. The service was lovely and it was great to just be outside 
after the service and hug Dave, joke around a bit. 
Love you Scratch Brotha!!!


By Shortlived Happiness

A Walk Through The Rain

Slight drizzle of the rain,
Dripped off my already wet shirt,
Drenching me inside out,
Flooding me outside in.

Warm tears trickling down,
Looking at the world through those glassy eyes,
I see a different you,
A different me.

What I had let go then,
Can't claim it anymore,
You belong to another now,
And may never be mine ever.

How could I've walked away,
How could I've surrended,
Why couldn't I battle till the end,
Why wasn't I strong enough.

Regret washing over me,
But it can't claim you back,
Not anymore,
After that day.

Maybe that came too late.
But now,
I truely am remorseful for ever losing my grip.

In those young days,
I threw my love away,
Into the depts of the endless field,
Never thinking about the consequences.

A walk through the rain,
Saw things in a different light,
Had you've been in my place,
The day I uttered those hurtful things? 


Marc Jacobs Love

I want this bag


If you need to express a problem to someone you love, 

or to a third party who is aiming to help you through it,

 don't sugarcoat the truth. 

If you do, you will be right

 back where you started - with a problem that you don't

 want to deal with. 

But if you bite the bullet and say what 

needs to be said, you will get it all out in the open. 

And a funny thing happens when the truth comes to light

 - it becomes less intimidating and less frightening. 

So speak the truth, and when it sees the light of day, 

you will also see a light at the end of the tunnel.


They're Heeeeeerrreee!

beauty, beauty everywhere
Sarah and Graycen Lee, that is. I am so unbelievably excited to see my two favourite girls, we have to cherish every second together because Sarah's got so many people to see in town. Also, Graycen has a hard time adapting to Edmonton on long trips, so this one is short.

But it will be sweet, just like my Graycenbear <3

Yes G, it's a nice necklace



epicfail.com is #bombdotcomb

True Beauty right here, folks

I'm not going to lie...this has happened to me before.

A Poem

Bad Decisions

 Life is full of restrictions,
Too many decisions,
Not enough organization, Making fatal collisions,
Without provisions,
No sense of precision,
Too much division,
And a lot of diversions,
Losing my vision,
Lost my inspiration,
No supervision,
Life's in need of revision,
Due to bad decisions,
of good intentions.

-Keli Mims