You're a fighter, what happened?

-I lost a lot of fights.


I Could...But I Won't

I could complain about so many things...but I won't. I CAN'T! I was gifted with a surprise visit from my aunt Joni today, she came bearing Starbucks and a cookie. I have friends, near and far, who are there for me when I need them; my mall girls can make me laugh like nobodies business.

I love you so much <3 <3<3

I have a job...I have a job that helps peoples self esteem. There is no reason to complain about working TOO much. I have a mother & a father who are extremely giving & warm, funny & would shank someone in a heartbeat if someone hurt me or my bro. I have my younger brother Lindz; we share a brain & find the most random things funny. She is one of a kind and she's MINE! MINE sister. 

No complaining.
No worrying.
These are the goals for me!

Leopard Shoes

love the rings and the shoes

want these too