New Year's Resolution

I was getting my hair done yesterday (which, I have to get redone because my favorite stylist left. The new stylist did a great job, but I wanted to keep up the red, and now I have purplish and slightly red hair. Which    looks great, but I want to be a red head for a while, so maybe in a year I'll try the purple/deep chocolate brown hair.

The point of that story is what led me to my New Years Resolution!!!

Only carry cash and my debit card in my wallet, no credit cards under ANY circumstance. Need to wade out of the massive pool of debt I've created.

2nd resolution I just came up with; listen to music more. Since I've been working so much, I realized I miss  discovering new bands and enjoying my favorite artists, it was my escape, it got my creative juices flowing more AND it motivates me while working out (which hasn't happened much in the past 6 months).
Amen shirt, amen. I want this shirt, PS.

And that's it!

Good riddance 2010, we welcome you with open arms 2011!!!

Happy New Year to ALL of my many followers ;) !!!



Just some options for when I go shopping tomorrow.


all smiles...

The bf Nic took me to an Oilers game tonight and we still had a great time despite the outcome of the game.  I'm sure the picture below sums it up quite well!

Mean muggin! Better not lose when we go back
on Saturday for the battle of Alberta!


Merry Christmas to ME

So it's been a bit of a rough ending to the year, so I'm doing it. I'm buying myself a Michael Kors bag!

Michael Kors Hamilton Quilted Satchel. Should I go with
this gunmetal colour or classic white?

And most likely a watch, since I've never owned one that didn't have a plastic strap or Disney characters on it.

One More Day Until Festivus!

And 3 more until Christmas! I'm trying to get myself into the holiday spirit, but it's difficult...I think it's working retail day in and day out. People seem to get more miserable the closer it is to Christmas. I need to watch Home Alone, A Garfield Christmas and the Full House episode where the gang gets stuck in the airport...THEN it will feel like Christmas! I actually have a day off before Christmas, so tomorrow the plan will be watch the above movies, move into my new suite (FINALLY!), bake bake bake! and cook up a huge batch of homemade perogies.  Yum yum yummmmmmmy! I also can't wait to give a certain someone their Christmas present...gonna score some major points with this one!


i have talented friends

One of them is Paul Filek. I was unable to see him perform this weekend (anything after because is blah blah blah)

I wanted to post a video of one of my favourite songs from his album Elephant Shoes. It got me through a LOT of tough times this year, and I just think it's an amazing song. Period.

Sorry for missing your show Pauly, I'm going to travel to see you next time so it's even that much more special! And remember, you and I were the original ninjas (OS ninjas fo life!), so I'm happy to see I've influenced your super awesome videos!

gangsta ninjas

Flying Paul Filek!

                           Check him out at http://www.paulfilek.com


what I want right now

I so desperately need a day like this...with you.

Because you do...

To be cuddled up with you

For you to sing me your favourite songs on your guitar 


how come...

one aspect of my life finally seems like it turning out right and then BOOM! I get gut wrenching news about my dad...the strongest person I know. He will make it through this, my family will make it through this, but I can't help but wish that we could get a break. That HE could get a break. He's never been one to complain or be scared, but the other night...when we got the news....I saw he was scared.

And now I've never been more scared in my life.

I need to sleep.


it's that time of year...

....to celebrate with friends. Saturday I spent the night playing games, drinking, eating, dancing and creating a new hybrid product (swippers) with great friends. Here's a few pictures from our fun night!

Aline and Kristi
Kris and moi
Deanna (aka Medussa) 
D and Chrystal
Me, Kelly,D, Tammy, Brandy, Shaina,and Heather is behind the poppers 
Tammy and D looking gorgeous 
The final product
Jesus made a surprise appearance, flying in on a reindeer!

stay gold ponyboy, stay gold...

One of my favourite books of all time is The Outsiders. I find this quote applies to so many things.  So for the few (any) people who read this blog just know you are appreciated, loved, talented and unique and I want you all to stay gold.

Side note: What does staying gold mean to YOU? For me it means staying positive, honest and being a better person, day by day.
I'd love to hear what keeps you "GOLD"/